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If you haven’t noticed the voice in your head by now you probably have never tried to meditate. In my life practice I have some fun with the voice in my head by giving it a name.

Once I realized that this voice usually has nothing really great or insightful to say to me, and that this voice is not me (very deep), I realized that I could have some fun with it.

During a course at Landmark Education called the Wisdom course, it occurred to me to give IT (the voice in my head) a name.

Now what name would be appropriate for a voice that is rude, dis-empowering, looks for the worst in other people, expects the worst possible outcome, and is intent on being heard.

Hmmmm, I thought, and then I had it.


From that moment on I would refer to IT (that voice in my head), as Dick.

It fits so perfectly. Whenever I listen to Dick, I often act like one and so I can explain any behavior that doesn’t work and causes breakdowns by saying. “Sorry, I was being (a) Dick.”

it makes it so much easier to dismiss thoughts that keep me small and separate. Try it. Give your voice a name.

Legal fine print: I’m not advocating blaming something else for your actions. I’m just pointing to a fun way to stop beating yourself up for the many negative thoughts that you don’t yet know how to control.