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The other day my friend Brenda posted a video of a guy dancing on her blog “Scrapbooks for the Soul“, and she said it made her cry. It shows a very white guy, doing a very white jig in different places all over the world. Now I’m out of the closet when it comes to expressing my feminine side, so I fully expected to have the tears welling up, but at the start of it I had doubts about the emotional value of the piece. I was reaching for the tissues by the end.

Then another friend sent me another clip showing people walking around with a sign saying “free hugs”. Tissues also. Both are below (need to have good sound with your system to appreciate fully). Two things strike me about both videos:

  1. Somebody had to have a silly idea and decide to do it regardless of what anybody said.
  2. The love among all people that is just underneath once we give up our conversations of fear.

Here they are. Watch out for the guy in front in Paris

Here’s the other (it was a public service piece that won awards):