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A very special friend was recently confiding in me that she had not been intentional around creating her company; she had let several several months go by and was now staring into the dragons mouth of her financial obligations without a knight in shining armor; not that she was looking for one. She knew that she could easily take care of her financial concerns. It was the though of having to put her dreams on hold to deal with the dragon that was upsetting.

So what to do?

As if I should know. I really wish I was the oracle of Gales, and this time – as you’ll see – I clearly was not.

In my manly, and practical “wisdom” I advised her that she had to deal with the reality of her circumstance in order to move forward. Therefore, she might have to face the “karma” of her prior inaction and get a temporary job. She was not very happy, yet she acknowledged that this might be the only way.

Lucky for her, I’m not the only oracle she consults.

She called me the other day, all pumped up and bursting with enthusiasm, to tell me that she was focusing 100% on her business. She had abandoned any search for a traditional, albeit temporary job, as a solution to her current financial dilemma.

This revelation, from her “other” oracle – I know I’m not the only one – got her to see that giving anything less than 100% to her dreams was a sell-out, and would not only delay or derail her dreams but would make her miserable.

It’s funny when you know something is right for you how you feel inside, and it was clear that my friend was bursting with joy. Deep inside she already knew following her bliss was the only course for her, and was only looking to have it validated by someone she trusts. Not hearing it from me, she turned to someone else to get that validation. This was all she needed to really cast off from all that she knows and sail into the uncharted waters of her future.

I was and am very happy for her, and especially that someone else was there to focus her on what her own soul was telling her. She also shared a particularly fitting quote which I’ll share with you here:

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”

Adre Gide

Through this experience with my friend I learned a valuable lesson for myself:

It is a gift to have a dream, and there is no greater expression of love for yourself and life than to follow that dream.

Hmmmm! That may be quotable. 😉

And a lesson for you: Always have your back up oracle. Always get a second opinion when it comes to medicine and matters for the soul.